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If you are a sports bettor and want to get mastered in placing your bets with sports then firstly you should be able to read all the betting odds. Normally reading these betting odds would be difficult but if you try to understand the odds then it would become easier for you to go through these bets. We all know that the odds differ from one bookmaker to another. However when we talk about the odds in brief, we can differentiate them into three main types. They include fractional odds, decimal odds and American odds. In this article you will find brief information about these betting odds. If you bet on your mobile, then you have to visit this site: wsop.com.

The common type of betting odds that we see with the betting system is decimal odds. These odds are even termed as European odds. These betting odds are easier to understand. But UK bookmakers normally make use of the fractional odds. Decimal odds are used for expressing the total amount that is returned with a single unit of stake. Fractional odds are used to represent the profit that can be earned with the single unit of stake. American odds or money lines can be expressed both in terms of positive or negative. But if the money is expressed in positive terms then it explains the amount that is earned for 100 stake and if it expressed in negative money lines then it expresses of how much money that you should need to won with stake of 100. If you are able to understand the odds in different variants then you will become as master in sports betting thus the chance of winnings also will be higher. To get mastered, you must read  bet on the premier league  match with William Hill where you can learn many tips on betting industry.